Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pinon Mesa

I’ve been pretty interested in this chunk of land below.  I will call it Pinon Mesa even though that takes up just a small part of this block.  I guess it’s close to 1000 sq miles; there is only one small “store” in the whole area but the most interesting thing about it, is there are only three ways to enter that big block of land (my border may not be quite right??).  All three roads are close together, right out of GJ and Fruita.  There is one other way but you have to ford the Colorado River.  As you can see there is a pretty big chunk of Utah that for most of the year you can only get to by going through Colorado.  There are other cool things about this area but I won’t try to list them.  This trip was about cooling down on a ride on Pinon Mesa proper.  I’m also getting ready to finish my first project in this area for work and let’s just say the area and people got a lot more “interesting”.

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Michael Heitman said...

Secret stash, awesome. Mike